Disinfectant Fogging Service

Kwik Kleen Solutions offers total workplace disinfection program, we use Canada Health Department approved disinfectants sprayed by electric ULVC equipment. Serving local KW & surrounding areas for 25 years.

Viruses and bacteria can be easily transmitted in your workplace, that’s why our team of technicians are prepared to come in and apply high grade disinfectants in the form of a mist or foam through electrostatic sprayers and Foggers to all high touching surfaces like door knobs, tables, chairs, phones, furniture, cabinets, toilets, sinks, faucets, etc (Electronics and computer equipment not included).

We use top of the line ULVC electric fog machines, when fully charged these machines spray 360 degrees shield on top of all areas being sprayed, which helps kill micro organisms in wider environment without leaving any marks or residue. Kwik Kleen now offers priority service for disinfection and sanitizing for businesses ready to open or already serving customers to keep your facility free of disease causing viruses and germs.

Please note this service is not to replace your regular cleaning service but is an addition that will cover the most required part which is not accomplished by regular cleaning and wiping.

Residential and Commercial Sanitizing and Disinfection, deodorizing spray and fogging services WSIB registered, Insured and bonded, DIN Certified, Non Corrosive, safe & effective fragrance free. Fogging service has been used for years to disinfect many hospital areas, air quality improvement, odor control, mold problems and sanitization of surfaces.

For all residential and commercial fog and spray services, call 519-722-0752.