We follow NADCA guidelines for our cleaning process. We employ NADCA’s “Thorough Source Removal” cleaning process which involves agitation followed by collection with the powerful air duct vac system. Our truck mounted duct cleaning equipment is one the most powerful made to clean residential air ducts.

Our cleaning includes all supply and return vents, all trunk lines, plenum chamber. We do not leave any mess in your home.

Duct cleaning process is an average 2-3 hours job done with an air duct truck, this process is very labor intensive and requires a great deal of experience to obtain a thorough cleaning. Please be aware of cheap low price duct cleaning ads, they may not be properly equipped and trained to perform the job. So please do some research before selecting your service provider, after all it’s a matter of a big chunk of your investment.

Why do I need Air Duct cleaning?

If you have anyone in your house suffering from allergies

• Helps those with respiratory problems by reducing irritants
• If you have kids or elders in the house
• If you require frequent dusting around the house or too much dust on furniture and flat surfaces around the house
• To help improve the efficiency of your furnace (saves you from unnecessary repair and damage)
• If someone is getting repeat coughs, sneezing or sinus infections
• Keeps heating and cooling costs under control when your furnace runs efficiently
• To maintain overall healthy breathing environment inside the house

How often do I need Air Duct cleaning?

We recommend regular maintenance cleaning to be done every 2 years, this helps to keep your furnace running in full efficiency. But if you have just finished any renovations in the house, we strongly recommend the ducts to be cleaned after the renovations are complete.