Amazed Wow! I’m amazed at how good the carpet looks. I don’t know how you did it, but you are the only carpet cleaner who has been able to get some of these stains out which had been there for years. Well done and very big thank you Zack!…. Brad Kraemer, Cambridge

High Standards We have high standards for cleaning in our premises that is why we only use Zack and his team’s expertise for all our carpet and upholstery cleaning needs! Frank & Sons

Professional I would like to thank Zack for very professional carpet cleaning job, we have been using their service for years and very pleased with the work…. Eddie Brown, Kitchener

Quick Response
I thank Zack and his team for their hard work and quick response for last 4 years. Thanks guys!….
Joe Foster

Pleasure It’s been a pleasure to know Zack and Kwik Kleen staff for over 8 years, we will definitely continue using their services in future…… Jackie Braun

We are very happy with the service and response time from Kwik Kleen Solutions. They are exceptional when it comes to difficult spot cleaning!.. Bob Fraser, Cambridge

“Kwik Kleen was able to get rid of pet stains & odor that other carpet cleaners could not. We would highly recommend them”
Jackie & Sandra, Kitchener

“Job was done professionaly and timely! Very friendly and knowledgeable, would definitely recommend”
Tom & Kathie, Cambridge